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One of the main factors that attracted me to creating my own online business was the idea I could escape the shackles and chains that keep me at a desk in an office. So whilst I’m learning and developing my online business I thought I should try out this idea to make sure this fact is true.  Because if it isn’t true, I will have to rethink this plan and decide if an online business is really for me.

So how can I test that I can work from anywhere?

The main times I work on my online business is a Saturday afternoon when my wife comes home from work, she entertains the kids whilst I attempt to work.  Also occasionally I get a Friday off, so I drop the kids off at school and have a few hours of quiet time to myself to work on my plans.  To test this theory of working from anywhere my aim is to get out of home (home office) as much as possible and work from somewhere else.

To work from somewhere other than home I’ll need my laptop and a wifi connection (depending on your personal setup you may just need mobile data access). Where I live there are a lot of cafés who offer free wifi, so my first stop is a café.

What an amazing experience this was, I setup my laptop, connected to the wifi, ordered a coffee and something to eat. I looked around and thought this is awesome it doesn’t feel like work at all.  I sat there for a moment taking in my surroundings and enjoying the moment when my mind started to think.  All these new ideas and creative thoughts started popping into my head.  I sat there exploring these ideas, taking notes and sipping on my coffee. When I left 2 hours later I felt like I’d achieved more in those two hours then I’d previously accomplished in the last couple of weeks.

Working from somewhere other than home or the office was such a pleasurable experience that I try to do this as much as possible now.  I find I’m more creative and come up with the best ideas when I’m outside my normal routine.  Actually over a coffee and sitting in a nearby park I came up with the new direction for this blog. I’m working on this new direction, look  and feel right now with the intent to launch early May.  With this new direction I’ll continue to share what I learn plus much more.

Back to answering my question; I have discovered I can work from anywhere I can get an internet connection. In fact for me, having the ability to work away from the office was better than expected.  Maybe next time you need to do some work or are contemplating a new idea, get out of the office or your home or your normal routine and see what happens.

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