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During your journey to online success you’ll be confronted with obstacles that you think prevent you from continuing.  So how do you overcome these obstacles, continue to build momentum so you never give up?
Matt Taylor said your success will be determined by your consistent effort that builds momentum and once you have momentum opportunities will open up for you.  Click here to Listen to Matt’s Interview

Judi Jaques in her interview she said the key to success is never giving up. Click here Listen to Judi’s Interview

What does Matt, Judi and all successful people have the common?  They have acquired the habit of Persistence.  Persistence is continuing to strive for your goals till they are achieved, no matter what the obstacle.  Actually persistence is defined as “continuing in an opinion or course of action in spite of difficulty or opposition”.

You are not born with persistence it is something you have to acquire yourself and anybody can acquire this habit.  Persistence is easy to acquire and today I’m going to give you the easiest method to build this habit for yourself.  I used this method myself and I attribute this method for my ability to overcome obstacles and continue.

The method to build Persistence

Acquiring a new habit requires you to complete a repetitive activity or the same task for 21 days straight.  So the easiest way to build persistence is to set yourself a challenge; this challenge is to complete the same task or activity every day for 21 days straight.  Here is your challenge

21 day challenge – To Build Persistence so you never give up.

This program is very easy to do yet challenging to complete, all you have to do is go for a walk for at least 21 minutes every day for 21 days.

Rules of the walk:

  • The walk must be completed first thing in the morning during the time you’d normally be sleeping. That is you need to be arriving back home no later than the time you’d normally wake up.
  • Walk ALONE; do not walk with your dog, another person, mobile phone or mp3 player. Walk with no distractions. If you must walk with someone do not talk with that person during the 21 minute walk.
  • Walk the EXACT same path every day. Just walk straight out your front door and follow the path. No driving to anywhere scenic or nice just straight out the front door.
  • Wear colourful clothing; colours will set the mood for your walk and day.

You have to maintain this routine for 21 days straight, if you miss a day start at day one again. Use this 21 day challenge chart to track your progress. 21 day challenge – progress chart

During the 21 days your mind will start and manufacture obstacles to prevent you from completing the challenge. Yes it maybe cold or raining, you may have had a sleepless night or you aren’t feeling well; you just have to work through these obstacles and complete the walk.

Once you’ve completed the 21 day challenge, the habit of persistence will be a permanent habit in your mind and assist you overcoming obstacles and achieving all your goals.

I hope you enjoy and complete this challenge and I look forward to hearing about your progress.

Your man never giving up

Wayne Brooks

PS if you every feel as though your effort is dwindling and momentum is not quite there.  Do this challenge again, you’ll be amazed by the result.