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As you know I’ve been working on adding a new dimension to this blog plus a new look and feel.  The intent was to launch early May however things haven’t been working out as planned.  It’s taking longer than expected to complete tasks and my head is in a spin with everything I still need to do.  Actually I’m constantly thinking about all the tasks and the list seems to be getting longer. This has to change, I have to change this situation and get back on track, so this is what I did.

I need a plan

I need a plan so the first thing I need to do is get everything out of my head.  So I grabbed a pile of postit notes, some pens and headed for a coffee shop.  You may remember from a previous post I discovered my best work is achieved away from my home or office,  the picture above is the view I had.   At the coffee shop, I ordered my coffee, sat down and took out my postit notes and pen.  My intent was to spend as long as required to make sure I got everything out of head and down on on a postit note.

I started writing, writing each task or item on a separate postit note.  Before I knew it I was done, I had written down everything I could think of but it just didn’t seem enough.  Surely there is more tasks then this I told myself, I have been worrying myself silly about everything that needs to be done there has to be more.  So I spent the next 5 minutes trying to create more tasks for myself but there really wasn’t any.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that now there is no where near as many tasks as I thought.

Prioritise my plan

Now with everything out of my head, it is time to prioritise and order the items.  I headed home to do this because I want to display the priority order on my whiteboard so it is in my face and top of mind.  Reviewing the tasks I quickly saw I could split them into three categories, website, interviews and subscriber content.   This is great I now have a set of tasks to finish for each major item.

In prioritising the tasks I had to decide do I prioritise every single task or just the urgent tasks that need to be finished ASAP.  I decided to concentrate on just the tasks that need to be done ASAP and that I could complete within the next week.   What I did next is easier to explain by showing you a picture of my whiteboard.


I have written the headings across the top of the whiteboard; Item, Tasks, This Week, Inp, Done.

“Item” are the three categories, Website, Interviews and Subscriber content.

“Tasks” are all the tasks that I have identified need to be completed

“This Week” are the tasks I will finish this week

“InP” is the task I am working on right now and when finished will be moved to “Done“.

I placed all the tasks that need to be finished ASAP in the “This Week” column .  Then I wrote down how long I think it will take to complete each task.  Having estimated the time for each task I now understand how long I need to work this week to complete all the ASAP tasks.  The next thing I needed to do was compare the amount of time required against the time I have available to work.  This week I know I can work about 8 hours so I had to cull my task list down to what I could achieve in this 8 hours.  This meant some tasks went back to the Task column providing me with a list of focused work to be completed this week. Depending on your situation you could use this method to determine how to organise your time.

Back on track

I now feel like of I’ve got my internet business back on track, I have everything out of head on my whiteboard and a focussed plan for the next week.  A great benefit in creating a list this way is it eliminates wasted time and anxiety because it allows me to dedicated time and focus to complete the most important tasks right now.  Sure new tasks will come to mind but instead of thinking about them now, I just write them on a postit note, add them to the task column to be prioritised next week.

I’d love to hear what you think of this method or how you keep on track with your internet business

Your man back on track


P.S.  There is a lot to get your head around here with this method, I think I could have explained this better with a video post (maybe another time).  It really surprised me how easy it was to get myself back on track, all I really did was empty my mind, create a list of tasks and prioritise them.