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I first met today’s guest Judi Jaques at a weekend seminar about how to create an online business.  At the seminar we were both members of the audience and we met during a break.  Within a couple of minutes of our conversation, Judi was sharing her experiences and insights and I knew she was someone I need to keep on my regular contact list.  I later found out Judi is self-made business woman millionaire who is often referred to as the “Grandma Guru of Affiliate Marketing”.

Judi came from humble beginnings, was a registered nurse and then in October 2010 she started her online business that today secures her a massive passive income.  Judi has continued to develop her business joining the public speaking stage to teach others how they too can earn an income from the internet and enjoy the lifestyle this allows.

Judi back in 2010 was seeking something more out of life; she took action and now travels the world.  Get ready to be inspired by this incredible lady.

What you will learn from this interview:

  • How Judi went from a nurse to a massive passive income
  • Really simple formula to get started and have the best chance for success
  • How children as young as 8 are making money online
  • Easiest method to gain the right knowledge, for free
  • Why the Knowledge – Action cycle is key
  • The question to ask yourself to instantly change your mindset to help you succeed at everything you attempt.
  • How you safely know you can quit your 9 to 5 job, plus lots more

Resource Recommendations from this interview:

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Thank you for listening to this interview.

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