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Today our guest lives by the motto “Each day I do what I want and don’t do anything I don’t want to do”.   This motto is not something just anybody can say; they have to earn the right to live it.   And has Nicola earned it; a few years ago she was sitting in her car crying wondering what the future holds for her and her family Nicola when she made a decision, that decision has led her to be one of the leaders in internet marketing.  Nicola is known as an entrepreneur, speaker, Amazon No1 best seller author and runs an Internet marketing and mentoring business.

She has helped thousands of people profit from an online business so grab a couple of pens and a notebook because you will want to take plenty of notes as Nicola Cairncross shares her personal insights so you can fast track your online business success story.

What you will learn from this interview:

  • Nicola’s journey to discover her self-worth.
  • Why keeping it simple is the only way to make money online
  • The simplest business model to generate massive profits
  • How to use Facebook to test your idea to see if there is a market
  • How do you know if your idea will be successful
  • Simple technique everybody can use to get started
  • Can cement be sexy?
  • Key to staying on track and motivated
  • Why going to online events is a must for online success and more…

Resource recommendations from this interview:

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Thank you for listening to this interview.

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