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Last Friday was the best day of my internet career so far.  Why?  Because I made my first sale online.  It was an amazing feeling when I saw the email that stated; “A new order has been successfully placed for Paleo Diet Foods….”  I really didn’t know what to do except yell “YEEEEEEES I can make money online”.

Every internet expert I have spoken to during this challenge has said “Your first sale online from someone you do not know will completely change how you think about making money online”. How right they are, the way I think and feel about having an online business now is at a completely new level.

The way this first sale has changed the way I feel and think is hard to explain but I’ll try and give you an insight. You see making that first sale was not about the money I received, it was about the validation that I can make money online. This sale proved to me I am on the right path and the process is working. That day I had a glimpse of my future, I saw my goals being realised and I felt like everything was moving into place. I now know I am on my way to achieving this challenge and my dreams.

My second major goal of this challenge “make my first sale online” has been achieved. YEAH!!!

I hope you enjoyed this post and I’d love to hear what you think and how your internet career is progressing.

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