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Do You Need To Increase Online Sales?

This Is Exactly What You Need To Do!

A question came through my VIP Q&A Webinar last week asking how do I increase online sales?

This person has started their own online business, has an awesome product that they believe their target needs yet they are struggling to make money online and need to increase online sales?  What can they do?increase-online-sales

Friends; not making money online is a clear indication that you have a problem with at least one of these 3 functions in your business.

  1. The Market. That is your marketing message is not talking directly to your audience to engage them.  Or you are talking to the wrong audience.
  1. Your sales funnel. A good sales funnel educates their audience on their problem and your solution.  Either
  • your free education offer is not educating them in a manner that portrays you as an authoritative figure in your market. Or,
  • you are giving away far too much information in your free education leaving the prospect with no reason to purchase your product
  1. The Product. Either your product is not consistent with your marketing and sales funnel or your product is just not the right solution for your market.

To increase online sales you need to review and improve either


  1. Your Marketing
  2. Your Sales Funnel
  3. Your Product

There is a solution and here is the easy way to review and improve these functions to increase online sales.

how-to-start-an-online-businessStart with your marketing, this has to be the first step because without leads you cannot test your sales funnel and if you do not have people in your sales funnel you cannot sell your product.

First Review your ad click through rate.  If it is low, less than 2% modify your message or image.  A small change in a word or image can make a huge difference.  Make the change and continue to monitor.

Once you have a good click through rate check your optin rate.  Your ad should direct people to your optin page to sign up for your free education offer.  If the sign up rate on your optin page is low you need to modify this page immediately.  Make sure your optin page is consistent with your ad, give it the same message and same headline so there is no confusion for your prospect.

Next if you have a good sign up rate move your attention to your sales funnel.  Depending on your market I’d expect at least 10% of prospects in my sales funnel to purchase.  If this rate is low I’d start to contact the people who did not purchased and ask them why?  You have their email address now so you can email them and ask them questions to get feedback to understand if your sales funnel or your product is the reason they did not purchase.

Review and improve these 3 functions, your marketing, your sales funnel and your product to increase online sales. 

Increasing online sales is as simple as 1, 2, 3.increase-online-sales

If you have any further questions on this topic please email me directly and I’ll do my very best to answer them for you.  Or you could attend my free online training event where I’ll teach you a process where you confirm your marketing and sales funnel work successfully before you go and create your product.  This process saves you tonnes of time and money whilst telling you exactly what your market want to buy.

If you are interested in this online training click on this link and register now.

I look forward to seeing you at my online training event.

Here is to your success with your online business and abolishing your 9 to 5.

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