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What is so good about internet marketing?

There are a lot of reasons why internet marketing is good for business however last week one reason really stood out for me. You see I live on Sunshine Coast in Australia and last weekend the regions first cruise ship visited. This was the first of hopefully many; if this visit was a success the cruise liner organisation had promised more visits on a regular basis.


The whole region was excited as these cruise ships and the loads of tourists they bring will dramatically build on the local economy. The Mayor was on the local radio saying, the cruise ship will arrive tomorrow with 000’s of people ready to buy from your businesses so get ready and make them welcome.

Hearing the Mayor and his comments got me wondering how difficult it must be for businesses that rely on special events such as this to be profitable. Then I remembered one of the main reasons I got internet marketing.

Imagine how much more profitable these businesses would be if they had these 000’s of new visitors every month, week or day. That is what internet marketing can bring a business, once online you open your business to the global market and depending on your marketing strategy you can have those new 1000 customers every day, week or month.

So why rely on special events and things out of your control to determine your business profitability. Take control of your business and future success by opening to the world with internet marketing.

Abolish9to5 aims to help you get online fast and profitable quickly with our interviews with online experts and educational blog posts. To help me, help you let me know your concerns and what you are struggling with to get your business online or profitable?

What is your main struggle with internet marketing?

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Wayne Brooks